14670761_10209075418297386_7430286243711845069_nCoco Mingolelli was born in November of 1983, to an English American father, and an Italian American mother. She grew up in central New York state, where early impressions of her life left an indelible mark.

In accompanying her grandmother to work in the kitchens of the Diocesan seminary, she witnessed first hand the idiosyncrasies and internal secrets of Catholic religious life.

On the strike lines of the steel industry with her father, she learned the hard truths in fighting for fair wages, fair work, and safe labor. Working with queer student groups in high school and post-secondary education, she learned what it was to be a lesbian at the turn of a century full of sexuality, and sexism. In these things, and the community around her, she learned how to be herself.

Her inaugural novel, Peccatum in Carne: Sins of the Flesh, took three years to write, and has been lauded by both editors and readers alike. Mingolelli’s educational background in political science, abnormal and adolescent psychology, and religion gives her a broad base from which to approach the sensitive subject matters discussed in her work.

As a self-identified queer pansexual woman, Coco Mingolelli finds the matter of representation for her community in literary works extremely important.

She especially enjoys cooking, traveling, rescuing animals, and being a wife and mother. When not writing, Mingolelli blogs, and provides counseling to married couples, the grieving, and the ill.

Between her home and office, she lives with a menagerie of inspirational people, two dogs, and no less than fifteen cats.